Residential Painting Service Toronto

Residential Painting Services in Toronto

When it comes to residential painting projects, many GTA homeowners find that choosing the right company is one of the most critical decisions. After all, trusting someone with painting your home is a big decision and one needs to be sure of the company they are working with.

At Demiri Painting, we understand that painting a residential property is not just a matter of making your home look beautiful, it is also a matter of increasing your curb appeal, making your home safer, and increasing its overall market value. Our team of painters take in regards to a variety of things when we undertake your residential painting project. We plan the project holistically right from protecting your possessions and furnishings, to preparing the surface for painting by filling gaps, plastering, resealing, etc. We make sure to regard the most intrinsic details of your painting project to make sure that the end result boasts of our quality work. 

Our next biggest asset after our talented crew is our belief that a service-oriented industry such as us thrives on satisfied and happy customers. We pour in our sincere efforts combined with our craft to make sure that our clients not only call us in the future but also refer us to their friends, coworkers and associates. Our top-notch residential painting services include:


Pre paint repairs & preparation

Plaster and Dry Wall Patching

Textured Ceilings And Walls

Airless Spraying




Water Damage repairs

Fire Damage repairs

For your free residential painting estimate please email us or call (416) 839-2396 today to discuss.

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