Want to save yourself some money on renovation costs? It can be both exciting and stressful to do renovations on your own before you can finally have the room painted. Many homeowners make common mistakes that can end up costing them more money in repairs in the long run. That’s why it’s important to have the proper preparation and tips to follow to ensure you’re avoiding these common, but costly mistakes. 

Demiri Painting wants to make your renovation process easier, so you can let us get to the painting and any handyman services sooner. Here’s a guide to the four common renovation mistakes made before painting to help you avoid them:

1. Filling In Stucco Cracks with Cement

If you notice cracks in stucco, that’s because the ground your house is built on has shifted. Your house shifts along with the ground, however, stucco cannot stretch or move in any form, so it begins to crack. The cracks can either be small from subtle shifts or large depending on ground movement. Some people who attempt to fix the crack on their own will use cement to seal it. This is a temporary fix to a larger problem, as the ground will still continue to shift and the crack will get larger. 

2. Scraping the Ceilings 

You may have a home with a “popcorn ceiling” which is a term used to refer to textured ceilings with dots on them. Most are eager to get rid of this outdated ceiling style but go about it the wrong way. The mistake people make in an attempt to get rid of the “dots” is by not wetting the surface enough before scraping or sanding it. This will leave gouges in the ceiling that will need to be filled and may become costly.

3. Spray Painting By Yourself

Spray painting may not seem like a difficult technique to master, but it can be. It’s quite easy to end up with an uneven coat of spray paint or drips of paint across the wall. It’s also highly likely that the paint splatter will end up in any area where there’s a small gap which will leave a big mess.

4. Forgetting to Pressure Wash Siding

Some people jump straight to painting their home, without remembering to clean the siding outside. It’s necessary to get rid of any dirt, moss or old paint residue that has built up over the years. When this step is skipped over, the lifespan of your new paint job is shortened! Professional painters will always ensure that your siding is pressure washed prior to painting. 

It’s always the safest and most efficient choice to hire professional painters to get your exterior and interior painting done. At Demiri Painting, our team of professionals always pays careful attention to detail to avoid these common mistakes and have your paint job look amazing. Whether it’s painting a small room or the entire home, we do it all at the highest quality. Request a free Toronto painting estimate on our website to get started today!