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Pros and Cons of Painting a Brick Home

If you have a brick home, then you may think that you are stuck with whatever colour brick your house was built with. The reality is that you can make changes to the exterior look of your brick home with some carefully applied paint. There are a lot of pros and cons...

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Interior Painting Ideas to freshen up your home

The “in” colours change with every season, and from year to year what is popular and what is out can change dramatically. Other than a blip in 2006 with "Sand Dollar," the Pantone colours of the year have been bright and whimsical since the turn of the century, but...

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Painting Secrets the Pros Won’t Tell You

When you decide it is time for a new coat of paint, whether you have moved into a new home or need a fresh new look, it can be exciting to pick colours, try them out, and make your final decision. Getting the new paint up onto the walls, though, can be a bit of a...

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What is paint made from?

Paint has the power to brighten up everything from our pictures to our houses. A fresh coat of paint can make our homes and commercial properties looking new for a prolonged period of time. In addition to the beauty, paint also offers protection. We paint the outside...

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Tips for Choosing Your Exterior Paint Palette

When your home needs a fresh coat of paint, it is a financial investment, costing a few thousand dollars to have completed by a professional. With that in mind, you want to take some time and think about what paint you would like. If you end up hating the colour and...

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