The outside of a home is what a potential buyer first sees when they pass by it. That moment can make or break their decision to find out what the inside looks like. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, doing some renovation to boost its appeal is key. Paint is a cost-effective and easy way to makeover your home and impresses everyone that sees it.

You should maintain every part of the overall look of your home when putting it on the market. We’re here to help you get started (and eliminate some stress) by giving you a guide to the right exterior paint colours to pick. To boost your home’s value, read our tips below:

Steer Clear of Bright Colours

Although you may have passed by a few bright coloured homes, that homeowner most likely isn’t selling! Painting the exterior for a future buyer needs to be about them, and not a personal choice. The average buyer may not want a brightly coloured home and may steer them away. If you still want to incorporate a bright colour, try accenting the window shutters or the front door!

Paint the Front Door Black

An accented black door can increase the price of a home by 2.9% according to the real estate website Zillow. If you aren’t comfortable committing to a full revamp of your home’s exterior, painting your front door black is a great idea. Black gives potential buyers an impression that your home is stable, safe and modern.

Avoid Yellow

Yellow is a wonderful colour for accented walls in a room or even a kitchen! However, when it’s being put on the market, yellow paint on the exterior doesn’t seem to appeal to most buyers. According to Zillow’s report, houses that are painted with a bright yellow or creamy yellow sell for $3,408 less than other homes. Yellows are difficult to work with and can be seen as too overwhelming.

Stick to Neutrals

Neutral colours such as white, light grey, tan or beige are classic colours on the exterior of the home. Neutral colours can work with the majority of other colours and are considered to have the best appeal overall. Zillow’s report also found that homes painted with neutral colours on the exterior saw as much as a $3,496 more than the original price of the home. “Greige,” which is a combination of grey and beige, is even more popular than the homes with white exteriors by $1,526, according to Zillow.

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