A fresh coat of paint will make a world of difference and is a great way of keeping your business facility looking nice. Not only will it elevate the appearance of your business space, but it will also show customers that you care about details, which will inspire trust. Updating your space with the right colors and styles is very important but many businesses put off this task because painting can affect their day-to-day operations and disrupt the office. While it’s true that painting can change the way your business operates for a few days, there are ways of remaining open during the process and careful planning will allow you to update your space while keeping your customers happy.

One way to stay open is by setting up zones so that only one area is painted at a time. This will allow you to move desks around and will make it easier to divert foot traffic for a couple of days while a certain zone is being painted. Zones will also help you remain open and organized and you won’t have to worry about chaos because your business will be able to run smoothly.

Another great idea is to negotiate workable hours. This may not be a possibility for every company but if your business closes overnight or experiences slower hours during a certain part of the day, your painting contractor may be able to work during those hours, which would not affect your operations. Or, if your business closes during the weekends, the contractor can paint on those days because all of your employees will be at home so it will not affect them in any way. A reputable contractor will try to accommodate your needs, so discuss a work schedule that would be suitable for your business.

If the paint job is going to cause your business to experience some changes for a few days, make sure you notify everyone who will be affected by the disruption. Use different forms of communication so that everyone is aware of when the painting is going to start so they can prepare accordingly. Email your employees and post signs for customers notifying them of where the painting is taking place, as this will show that you care and are still open for business. You should also install containment barriers to ensure the air quality is safe for anyone who will be in the area and your contractor can help you get the appropriate materials so that you know what to use.

Staying open while your business is being painted can be challenging but Demiri Painting will work with you to ensure your business is not affected by the painting process. We specialize in commercial painting and our team of professionals will make sure your interior meets your design standards. If you want experienced painters to help elevate the appearance of your business space, give us a call today!