Are you tired of the colour of your living room? Maybe you haven’t updated it since you moved in many years ago. If you are looking to repaint your living room to match the bright colours and pure elegance that the spring season brings, take a look at the best interior painting ideas to brighten your living room!

Let the sun shine!

The spring brings a lot of suns to help your plants and tree bloom, making for a beautiful garden. Paint your living room with a light yellow colour so that when you open your curtains, the sun and the walls will make your space extra bright! You will be stunned at how open your living room will look when the sun matches your wall. When planning this project, start with the lightest yellow shade and go through the colour pallet until you find the best shade of yellow that will suit your room.

Tulips are the flower of spring

If you love planting tulips and watching them bloom in the spring, you might like this next suggestion! Repainting your room with a rosy pink colour will feel like your living room is “blooming” into a new room entirely. If your living room overlooks your flower bed that features tulips, the way they match when you look inside your home will make it feel like spring will last forever.

Light ocean mist

Do you love going to the beach in the spring? The cool ocean breeze that goes along with the view of the ocean is something you can only truly experience in the spring months. Bring the ocean scenery home by incorporating some cool blue colours into your living room walls. The next time you are missing the beach, you can lay in your living room and play some soothing ocean sounds to simulate the experience!

Can’t be spring without any green

When the spring season rolls in, the snow melts, the salt gets washed away, and the trees start to blossom. Your lawn also starts to wake up by getting rid of the brown spots leftover from the snow and start looking like grass again. Match the leaves on the trees and the grass on the ground by painting your living room a nice light green! Your living room will feel like it’s the start of spring all year round!

No matter what colour you choose to brighten up your living room this spring, the expert interior painters at Demiri Painting can and will give you the best looking living room you’ve always wanted! For the past 16 years, we have been providing the residents of Toronto and the GTA with affordable and expert painting services. The best part is we work on your schedule, we work as quietly as possible, and we clean up after ourselves when your dream living room is completely painted. Give us a call at 416-839-2396 or email [email protected] to request a free quote today!