The “in” colours change with every season, and from year to year what is popular and what is out can change dramatically. Other than a blip in 2006 with “Sand Dollar,” the Pantone colours of the year have been bright and whimsical since the turn of the century, but they have varied wildly from year to year. Even the past few years have been earthy red Marsala, the pink and blue Rose Quartz and Serenity, bright green Greenery, and now the other-worldly purple Ultra Violet. Tastes change quickly and one of the easiest ways to match your home to current style trends, and freshen things up, is with paint. You can spruce up any room with one single colour, or paint decorative elements and designs for something more exotic. Here are six ways you can freshen things up with paint!


Accent Wall

An accent wall is a great and easy beginning way to freshen up a room using paint. An accent wall is merely having one of the walls in your room a different, often contrasting and more dramatic colour, than the rest. It is a great way to keep the space relatively neutral and calm as too much colour can seem overwhelming to some. Accent walls are very trendy, and if you choose a neutral tone for the other walls, then you can change the accent wall whenever you feel like it without having to repaint the whole room.



Stencilling takes a bit more skill than standard painting, though it is not free hand. You can find stencils online or buy them in store. They come in an endless variety of types and can be repeated pattern stencils or standalone stencils so that you can paint trees, birds, or even your child’s name onto the wall.



Taping is similar to stencilling, but instead of buying a stencil to use on your wall you are putting down one layer of paint, taping a design onto the wall, then painting over that with your darker colour. You can make some really great designs with tape, including Chevron, Harlequin, and a wide variety of stripes. Taping is a great way to combine colours and add interest.



Mottling is a technique used by adding a layer of textured lime wash when you have finished painting your base. It creates an old-world look and works well in bedrooms and especially with orange-yellow colours. A mottled accent wall is a perfect choice if you do not want your walls to be too busy.


Linen Weave

Linen weave is a dragging technique that makes walls look similar to linen. You paint the walls with a mix of a satin base colour coat and glaze and then drag a wallpaper brush vertically first and then horizontally to create a fine cross-hatch.



Metallics are very in right now, and you can use them in any of the designs as mentioned above as additional accents to freshen up a space. You could have a neutral, white wall, for instance, with gold stencilled polka dots. Metallics are a great way to put a pop of something fun into any room.

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