The Annex Painting Services

The process of preparing your home for being staged is not always the smoothest of tasks. Attempting to do the painting and staging of your home on your own can go desperately wrong even from the most minute of mistakes. Demiri Painting connects not only with home/property owners, but with real estate agents as well. Homeowners that want to get their house on the market, ready to sell, want the selling process done efficiently so the moving process can be just as swift. Ready to sell your home in The Annex?

Demiri Painting’s team of expert painters frequently work with real estate agents for a quick property selling process in tight timelines. Having your home be freshly painted, furnished and visually appealing before it goes on the market is the best investment homeowners can make.

Home Staging

The importance of staging cannot be underestimated. It may be hard to believe that a fresh coat of paint, stylish furniture and decorative pieces can increase your home’s sale on the market, but it is very true. Having a beautiful, contemporary and fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior of your home can significantly assist in a quick selling process. Picking the right colour is important because it has to appeal to a vast amount of people visiting your home. Demiri Painting has been doing business for over 16 years and know exactly how to assist in the selling of a home or commercial property.

As a home/property owner, it is not your responsibility to be aware of the paint trends and colours that draw in potential buyers. That’s Demitri Painting’s job. Our team of painters understands that traditionally neutral colours are the most desirable for most potential property buyers, as opposed to bold colours. We always work to create visually appealing properties inside and out to attract a wide array of people during the home staging.

Painting Service in Annex

The Annex Painting Services

Interior Painting Services Etobicoke

Interior Painting Services

Entrusting someone to take care of your home interiors is a big decision for any homeowner. At Demiri Painting, we understand this. That is why we focus on bringing the best quality painting services for your home in The Annex.

Exterior Painting Services Etobicoke

Exterior Painting Services

Whether you live in the home or are looking to put it up on the market, painting the exterior of your home with the right kind of paints and finish can help you to increase the value of your property. Demiri Painting offers the best exterior painting services to help your home in The Annex

Residential Painting Services Etobicoke

Residential Painting Services

At Demiri Painting, we understand that painting a residential property is not just a matter of making your home look beautiful, it is also a matter of increasing your curb appeal, making your home safer, and increasing its overall market value. Demiri Painting offers high quality residential painting services for homes in The Annex.

Commercial Painting Services Etobicoke

Commercial Painting Services

Contact Demiri Painting today for Commercial Painting Services for your Office or Building in The Annex.

Any home stage details you believe to be small, are certainly not. The wrong painting, portrait or art piece can sway a potential buyer’s decision in an instant. However, with traditional classic painting and home staging decorative pieces to suit the space, you’re instantly expanded your home buyer range. The purpose of home staging is to allow the potential buyer to envision themselves living there. The curb appeal is as equally important part of home staging as the home’s interior. That is a home buyer’s first impression and you want to ensure that it is an amazing one. A meticulous front yard is well lit with vibrant greenery and flowers. Most importantly, freshly-painted, clean coat of paint on the exterior and the front door entices potential buyers. 

Selling your home soon? Leave it to Demiri Painting to assist you in selling your home in The Annex with staging consultation, painting and fixing up your home to have it fresh and modern and to remove any cracks or damage. With a quick turnaround, affordable pricing and the most high-quality service, Demiri Painting will make this selling process as smooth as can be.

Demiri Painting & Decorating Services is a fully insured and licensed painting company based in Toronto, ON. We serve Toronto as well as surrounding cities including Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and more.

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