Garage floors do take a beating over time because of the weight of your vehicles. Additionally, most garages are not air conditioned, meaning they are subject to extremes of heat and cold, and this, too, can lead to deterioration. Painting your garage floor will seal it and protect it and will help with its appearance as well. This is an easy and inexpensive project any homeowner can do, so check on this aspect to see whether or not it’s time for you to paint your garage floors.

If it’s time to complete this project, the following tips will help:

Clean Your Floor

Preparation is very important as this will allow you to get the results you’re after. If your floor is unsealed concrete, etching it and cleaning are the first steps. Spray the masonry etcher and cleaner on the floor and leave it on for about 10-20 minutes. Next, use a stiff-bristled brush or broom to scrub the surface. Do not use a metal brush, and do not let the surface dry. Rinse your entire floor with clean water using a garden hose or pressure washer, and do this thoroughly. Remove any excess water with a squeegee or a non-metal mop and allow the area to dry. If your floor is sealed concrete, you will just have to clean it because etching is not required.

Prime Your Floor

Use concrete and masonry bonding primer for this step, as this is formulated for untreated concrete and will give the coating the most protection and durability. Start by taping the edges of the walls where they meet the floor using painter’s tape and pour your paint into a tray and start priming your floors with a roller. Paint the primer onto your floor in sections and as you move onto other sections, roll more primer on previously painted areas. Repeat these steps until your floor is completely covered, and allow your primer to dry for at least eight hours before moving on to a topcoat.

Add a Topcoat

This is the last step of the project and should be done after your floor is primed and dry. It is recommended that you use exterior concrete and patio paint for this job because they can stand up to the wear and tear that occurs in garages. The steps for applying topcoat are similar to that of priming, and once you are done, you should let it dry for a full day before using the space.

Following these steps will help your garage floors look better, and they will last longer, too, so it is a project worth doing. If you don’t want to complete this task yourself and prefer to leave it to professionals, the experts at Demiri Painting & Decorating can help. Our painters can tackle any type of project, so whether you need residential painting, exterior painting, or house painters, we do it all. If you are in the Toronto or Etobicoke areas, contact us today!