Like with anything, good quality is often worth more than buying something cheap that will wear out quickly in the long run. High-quality paint, though it comes with a heftier price tag, is just like a good quality car or mattress: more expensive but better performance and longevity. When doing interior painting, you want to go with an option that will last. Here are some reasons why using cheap paint is a big no and why investing in high-quality paint is a must.


When you get low-quality paint, it has less pigmentation than a high-quality one. High-quality paint is often made with pigments like titanium dioxide, while low-quality ones use clay and silica. The formulation of clay and silica are much larger, and so you will need to do many more coats of these paints to cover the old paint and imperfections underneath it. High-quality paint needs fewer coats, and you can get the job done faster and with less.


Resins, also known as binders, are what make the paint stick to walls, make it durable, and last. High-quality paints have better resin, and their particles are smaller and can seep into wood deeper. Resin is the most expensive aspect of paint, which is one reason why cheap paint uses low-quality resin, which ends up reducing the overall lifespan of your paint. With low-quality resin, you can get cracks, flakes, and even pieces of paint peeling from the wall.


Cheap paint has more solvents in it than high-quality paints. More solvents equal thinner paint, which makes for a poor application. When the paint dries, it also looks worse than high-quality paints, as fewer solvents mean a better overall appearance.


Many high-quality paints have primer mixed right into the paint. Primer is the first step that you need to do (after washing the walls) before you start painting. It is the layer underneath your paint that helps cover the old paint and acts as a base for your new paint. When you have primer and paint all in one it cuts down on the time you will be spending painting, as well as the cost overall. Cheap paint does not include primer and will mean you have at least one extra coat to apply to the wall, most likely more because cheap paint also needs more coats to reach full coverage.

When It Comes Down To It

While you may be spending more money upfront for high-quality paint, you need to look at it broken down. You will not be buying primer which is money saved. You will need to do fewer coats of paint, which is time saved as well as money saved on the amount of paint you must purchase. The high-quality paint will last longer than low-quality paint, meaning you will not have to do touch-ups and repaint as soon in the future. If you really think about it, the extra money spent now is not all that much more.

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