If you want to update your guest room, a fresh coat of paint will make a world of difference. This step will not only elevate the appearance of the space, it will also help guests feel more welcome, so it’s a great project to complete because it will provide you with fantastic results. The right colors will help your guests feel comfortable, so it’s important that you create a room where they can unwind and relax.

When looking at all the paint colors that are available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, so you need to know what you’re after, and when it comes to guest rooms, relaxing colors are recommended. Blue is a very popular choice because the right shade will create a smooth atmosphere and will have a calming effect on the body, so your guests will be able to sleep better as a result. Choose softer shades of blue that are more muted because these are beautiful and peaceful. Dreamy ocean shades, a sky blue or a soft powder blue are all great options you can consider.

Green is another great choice for a guest room because this color also has a calming effect and is associated with the peacefulness of nature. Lighter shades like sage or a grassy tone are perfect, but you can choose deeper tones because these will look great in a bedroom as well. If you want something a little different, you can consider pastel yellows and pinks as these colors will warm up a room, so your guests will feel comfortable and cozy.

Guest rooms are not just for guests, and a lot of homeowners use this space as a multipurpose room. This was especially true this past year when most people were forced to work at home, so many guest rooms had to function as a home office or even a crafting space. If you enjoyed the room, you can consider keeping it as a multipurpose room that both you and your guests can enjoy. A fresh coat of paint will make this space comfortable for your guests whenever you’re ready to welcome them back into your home and will also make it a comfortable space for you to work in. Shared spaces are very common at the moment, and neutral colours are the way to go. They help create the perfect balance for both work and guests, so consider a creamy white or a soft beige, both of which are ideal to set the right tone.

The experts at Demiri Painting & Decorating will help you make the right choice. We will listen to your ideas and will make professional recommendations based on the look and mood you want to create. We specialize in exterior painting and residential painting, and our painters will provide you with the results you’re after. If you are looking for reputable house painters in the Toronto or Etobicoke areas, contact us today!