Surrounding yourself with the right colours will make a world of difference and will provide you with joy. A fresh coat of paint will change your home and your mood drastically, and the top paint colours for 2021 evoke feelings of calm which is just what everyone needs.

If you’re ready for a change, consider the following colour trends:

Soft Whites

This is a traditional option that has remained popular throughout the years because of its clean appearance and calming effects. Different shades of white will help create the perfect atmosphere, and you will be able to enjoy a space that is both beautiful and calm. The chaos of the past year has impacted all of us, and a fresh coat of white paint will help soothe your home and your emotions.

Soft Neutrals

Prioritizing your mental and physical well-being is now more important than ever, and simple comforts will help with this aspect. Soft neutrals are perfect because they have a calming effect that will promote a slowed-down lifestyle, which will allow you to enjoy your day and your space even more. This will help create a sense of optimism, which is another thing most people need to feel.

Earthy Tones

Earthy influences will help you feel cozy and warm and are perfect for any season. We could all use a hug this year, and these tones will cover your home in warmth because they emulate the feelings we desperately need. Earthy tones will also help you prioritize the health of your body, spirit and mind, so they are ideal for any space, and homeowners will benefit from these colours.

Pops of Colour

If you want a little bit of contrast, a pop of colour will pair nicely with warm and earthy tones and will provide your home with the freshness that it needs. Colour can be used as a way to express emotion, so you can choose a bold colour that speaks to you because this too can create a soothing environment.

Grounded Colours

These hues are both functional and beautiful, so you will be able to get the best of both worlds. Classic colours will provide you with a sense of happiness, and these soothing pigments will help you unwind after long days. What’s nice about these colours is that they can be used on their own or as pairs, so you can combine different hues together to create the perfect transition from one room to another.

These are the trends we will be seeing this year, and the biggest advantage to these colours is that they provide happiness. They will help us feel calm and will allow our homes to look beautiful so that we can create more memories.

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