Summer is here, which means you can start enjoying your backyard space once again! However, your deck’s definitely seen better days and needs to be refinished. To make sure your wooden deck looks amazing once it’s done, here are six times to help you out.

When to Start the Job

Once all the snow has melted away and the new season begins, it’s time to inspect your deck. Look closely to see if any of the coating or existing paint has begun peeling away. Is there discolouration across the surfaces or mould present? If you answered yes to any of these, then it’s time to repaint your deck. Leaving it in that condition will cause it to deteriorate quickly.

The Best Weather Conditions

Unfortunately, you can’t just paint your deck when the mood arises. For the best results, you need to ensure that the weather is on your side, or you’ll end up wasting several hours of work for nothing. Avoid painting your deck when it’s under direct sunlight, as the heat will affect both the finish and the drying time. As well, avoid trying to paint if the forecast calls for frost, rain or high humidity within three days of the job.

Preparing the Wooden Surface

Before you can start painting, you need to clean and prepare the wood. Start by removing all sources of dirt, mould, debris, and surface damage. Using a specific wood cleaner and conditioner will allow for deeper cleaning. As well, use a paint stripper to get rid of chipped or peeling paint.

Painting Over an Existing Coat

While it’s possible to paint over an existing deck coating, you need to make sure the new paint will adhere properly to the old one, or you’ll just end up with a mess on your hands. To test this out, apply a few drops of water to different areas of your deck. If they bead up, it means the coating is still intact and the surface needs to be sanded and cleaned before new paint is applied.

Choosing the Best Tools

If the paint you’re using is oil-based, then grab a paintbrush that has natural fibres. For water or acrylic-based coatings, using a synthetic fibre brush is ideal. To make the job go faster, you can also use a roller for larger decks. Apply your paint in the same direction as the wood grain to reduce streaking. Wait for 48 hours before walking on the painted surface, and avoid washing it for the next 30 days.

Keeping the Colour Consistent

In the case that you have a large deck and one can of paint be enough, there’s a trick to making sure your colour doesn’t change with the new batch. Ensure that the second paint can is from the same brand and has the same finish like the first one.

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