Paint has the power to brighten up everything from our pictures to our houses. A fresh coat of paint can make our homes and commercial properties looking new for a prolonged period of time. In addition to the beauty, paint also offers protection. We paint the outside for our homes to secure them from rain and, we also paint our vehicles, including space shuttles and aeroplanes, to protect the structure and condition of the metal.

Paints consist of three primary components; pigment, the binder, and the solvent. Various additives are added to the paint, depending on the type and use of the paint, to enhance its properties.


Pigments are the colour chemicals added to the paint. Reflection of particular wavelengths of light and absorption of others gives pigments their colours. Metal compounds are also utilized to give the paint certain colours. Iron oxide is responsible for making the colours brown, red, yellow and orange. Titanium dioxide, commonly found in sand as a white chemical makes white paint. Chromium oxide is used to make green paint and black colour emerges from carbon. Numerous pigments can be mixed together to create any colour we can possibly imagine.


Pigments are solids and would fail to stick onto the paper and walls if they are solely applied. Binders in paint act as the glue that combines pigment particles and helps them stick to the surface being painted. Binders can be made from either synthetic plastics or natural oils, such as linseed oil. Originally, binders were made from rubber, hence the term latex paints.


Pigment combined with binder forms a thick substance that is difficult to paint surfaces with. The solvent dissolves both pigment and binders, creating a thinner liquid that flows and spreads with ease. Paint solvents are also called thinners for this reason. Once the paint is applied to the surfaces, the solvent evaporates into the air, leaving remnants of the pigment and binder dry. The lingering smell after the application of fresh paint comes from solvents.

Water is a common solvent utilized in emulsion paints and watercolours. Water-based paints offer an easy-to-clean advantage in case of spills. There are paints that use solvents derived from strong organic chemicals makes from petroleum called Naphtha. If this type of paint is left sitting in a container for an extended period of time, gravity separates it into different chemical components. Thus, it is important to mix the paint before using it each time.


As mentioned before, various types of chemical additives are also added to paint. Fluorescent pigments are added to certain paints to give them the ability to glow in the dark. Ceramic substances are added to paints to enhance their durability and strength. Lastly, additives are also designed for paints used outdoors to make them waterproof, rustproof, protected from sunlight, and frost, while also preventing mould and mildew.

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