Painting Services in North York

Residential painting in North York can be expensive, especially when you don’t pick the right painters for the job. There are interior painters who attempt to cut corners, scams, price gouging or use of low-quality paint but charge you for high-end ones.

It’s hard to choose the right paint within your budget, too. Gloss paint costs higher than flat, matte, satin or semigloss. Prices also differ by the shade. Cost differences between a white and a softer, neutral shade can be more than you expect. Darker hues are priced more than lighter ones. Primer coats add to costs. How do you select the right paint and painter for your property? 

This is why a trusted, reliable painting contractor is important. This is also why you should pick your colour and quality of the paint, as well as agree on the number of coats, prior to signing up with your contractors. You don’t want to be paying for a third coat and paying extra after the contractor feels it’s needed when the contract doesn’t cover it.

Painting Services in North York

Commercial and Residential Painting

At Demiri Painting, we specialize in all aspects of residential and commercial painting. From preparing the pre-paint, trim painting, exteriors, cabinet painting, wallpaper removal, textured walls and drywall patching, we do it all. 

Be it residential or commercial, our prices are competitive and our work is completed on schedule. We believe in clear communication, meticulous planning and minimum disruption to your daily schedule. Our commercial painting services include both small and large businesses, interiors and exteriors, ceiling to flooring services.

Demiri Painting Services

Demiri Painting has been among the top painting contractors in Toronto for over 16 years. Part of the reason is our professionalism. We respect your time, property and budget so we do everything possible to honour them by doing our job right, paying careful attention to the finish. We clean up after our job is done so you don’t have to. We protect all your possessions and discuss colour specifications and prices before we get started to spare you any inconvenience.

Residential Painting Services North York

Our North York Painting Services

Interior Painting Services Etobicoke

Interior Painting Services

Entrusting someone to take care of your home interiors is a big decision for any homeowner. At Demiri Painting, we understand this. That is why we focus on bringing the best quality painting services for your home in North York.

Exterior Painting Services Etobicoke

Exterior Painting Services

Whether you live in the home or are looking to put it up on the market, painting the exterior of your home with the right kind of paints and finish can help you to increase the value of your property. Demiri Painting offers the best exterior painting services to help your home in North York.

Residential Painting Services Etobicoke

Residential Painting Services

At Demiri Painting, we understand that painting a residential property is not just a matter of making your home look beautiful, it is also a matter of increasing your curb appeal, making your home safer, and increasing its overall market value. Demiri Painting offers high-quality residential painting services for homes in North York.

Commercial Painting Services Etobicoke

Commercial Painting Services

Contact Demiri Painting today for Commercial Painting Services for your Office or Building in North York.

Our team of professionals work quietly, respecting your time and focusing on the best, cleanest finish. We use both brushes and rollers, as well as eco-friendly paint and materials. If you are looking to renovate your North York nightclub or pub, refresh your office or modernize a factory or even paint a hospital using safe supplies, mindful of allergies, call us. We offer the best prices in North York and provide local handyman services to fix odd jobs to meet your needs. Our handyman services include carpentry, small washroom renovations, floor refinishing, installation, stucco removal and repairs, and door installations, among others.

Our skilled crew can even provide one-day painting services if you are in a hurry, depending on the size of the property. Just call us or book an appointment online and we will send one of our expert estimators to review and confirm. Our estimates include low-VOC paints, labour, supplies and materials so there are no surprises later. Before we leave, we walk through every detail to make sure they meet our high standards, clean up after ourselves and put your furniture back in place so you are not inconvenienced at any point. Sounds good? Feel free to call us to transform your North York property today!

Demiri Painting & Decorating Services is a fully insured and licensed painting company based in Toronto, ON. We serve Toronto as well as surrounding cities including Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and more.

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