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The Best Paint for Front Doors

A fresh coat of paint can make anything in your home look better, including your front door. It’s natural to see the original colour and paint wear out over time and you may even notice some scratches, but not to worry, because a new coat of paint can make your front...

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How to Paint a Ceiling

Even if you like painting, you might not want to paint your ceiling. It can hurt your back, tire out your arms and be a literal pain in the neck. The kitchen and bathrooms can be especially tricky because of the effect the moisture can have. Here are some tips to make...

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Tips for Painting your Deck

The secrets to a job well done when it comes to painting your deck are careful preparation and proper application. How often you should stain or paint your deck will depend on a few factors, including where it is, how often you use it and the severity of the weather...

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How to store and dispose of paint properly

Paint is a toxic substance, which is why you need to make sure you dispose of it the correct way. You also need to store leftover paint properly so that it is still good to use later. Follow these steps to dispose of and store paint the right way.  Storage Seal It To...

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Demiri Painting & Decorating Services is a fully insured and licensed painting company based in Toronto, ON. We serve Toronto as well as surrounding cities including Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and more.

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