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Why use Demiri for Interior Painting in Toronto

Entrusting someone to take care of your home interiors is a big decision for any homeowner. At Demiri Painting, we understand this. That is why we focus on bringing the best quality work and have earned a reputation for being one of the best painting companies in Toronto. Whether it is finishing a couple of walls, a room, or painting the whole interior of a home, we make sure to send our licensed, trained, and experienced crew to get the job done right and on time. Our eco-friendly paints are safe for use on interior walls and are highly recommended by many homeowners. Our team of professionals makes sure to use the right techniques and colours to give you the finish that you desire. We make sure that we hand over your space to you after a thorough cleaning at the end of our job. Demiri’s interior painting services include:

Interior Painting

(walls, trim, doors, ceilings, etc.)

We start with correcting any flaws in your walls by filling them up, following them with sealant and coating them with the colour of your choice. Our expert crew gives adequate time between each step to ensure that the work is completed properly. 


(banisters, hardwood floors, cabinets, etc.)

Using a high-quality stain we make sure to give your hardwood floors, cabinets and banisters the finish you desire. Our stains last long, are easily absorbable, look rich and are safe for interior use.

Faux finishing

Whether you want a marble-like finish, a specific etched pattern or something else, our crew is trained to handle all kinds of faux finish for your walls. 

Stucco Painting and Repair

Looking for someone to repair or paint Stucco, we can help. Our team is specialized in all kinds of stucco painting and repair work. 

Wallpapering and Removal

Removing and installing wallpaper can be a nightmare, especially as you fear to get your walls stained because of improper pasting. Let our experienced crew help. With their sophisticated pasting techniques, pasting or replacing a wallpaper is an easy task for us. 

Drywall Repair and Replacement

There is no escaping the drywall repair and replacement project at some point. But with our services, you will get a reliable, good quality and long lasting solution for your drywall issues. 


Thinking of plastering your interior walls? Our plastering services have helped many GTA homeowners get smooth walls with excellent quality plastering services. 

Stairs and Floor Refinishing

The stairs and floors are probably one of the biggest decorative elements of your home interiors. Talk to an associate today to learn how we can make your interior look like a million bucks with the right stair and floor refinishing.

Toronto Interior Painting FAQ

How Do I Choose An Interior Paint Colour?

This is a very complicated answer that almost always involves some level of personal preference, so the most direct answer would be to follow your instincts. However, there are a few considerations to take into account when choosing your paint colour. A good rule of thumb is to consider that the brighter your paint is, the more open and well-lit your room will look. Conversely, darker colours will often make it feel cozier and calmer. The colour will likely set the mood for the room, so consider how you want your room to feel before choosing your paint.

Is It Worth Buying Paint Samples?
It is usually a good idea to try a sample before committing to a colour. No matter how sure you are, the colour will almost always look very different in your home. The only colour that may be safe to simply purchase is your standard off-white tone that is common in most homes. Instead of painting small patches on the walls, we recommend painting a poster board with your colours and move it around the room to see how it looks in different lighting.
How Do I Prepare A Room For Painting?

Take out all of your furniture or place it in the center of your room if it’s large enough. It’s better safe than sorry, as you will likely inevitably get paint on them no matter how careful you are. Take everything off the walls and fill any holes from pictures. Finally, use painter’s tape to cover your edges to ensure paint doesn’t splash onto areas you don’t want painted a particular colour and lay down plastic to protect your floors. If you’re getting a professional to paint your rooms, they will do this step for you.

Is There A Right Time To Paint My Interior?

The right answer is, not really! You can paint your home for no other reason other than the fact that you’re tired of the colours, feel as though they are dated, or just simply need a refresh. If you’ve always hated the colour of your walls, that’s all the more reason to paint them! Choosing your paint can be fun, and interior paint is a very cost-effective way to reinvigorate your living space.

We at Demiri Painting have been providing Toronto quality interior and exterior painting services for homes and commercial properties for 16 years. We offer excellent value, competitive pricing, and high quality on all your Interior and Exterior painting needs.

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