Thinking about painting your ceilings and high walls but aren’t exactly sure how? The dramatic height of tall ceilings and walls can be daunting because of how much of the area has to be painted. You have to ensure that you’re safely closing the gaps between brush strokes and that the surface is covered smoothly. If you’re attempting to do this paint project on your own, there are guidelines to follow to have the paint job done to the best of your abilities.

Here are some tips to follow on how to paint your high ceilings and walls.

What You’ll Need

Before you get started, you will need to determine how big space is and how tall your ceilings are. You will need a ladder to be able to properly reach the edges and the entire ceiling during painting. Multi-function ladders are most effective, but avoid ladders that require you to overextend yourself when painting. You may require a scaffold if you’re painting at a height for an extended period of time. Scaffolds are sturdy and allow for paint supplies to be readily available for use. 

Painting Using A Roller and Extension Pole

Painting high ceilings and walls using a roller and an extension pole is most effective for 10-foot ceilings or less. These ceilings and walls aren’t too high and therefore do not require a sprayer. You may not also require a ladder for pole painting because of the extension pole. However, this technique can be tiresome and a rather slow painting process overall.

Painting Using an Airless Sprayer, Extension Wand and Ladder

Airless sprayers are extremely effective when painting high walls and ceilings. This painting technique is fast and relatively easy. Make sure to have an A-frame ladder to use and an extension wand attached to the sprayer to cover all areas. An airless paint sprayer with an extension wand can cover ceilings and walls up to 12 feet. The drying process is swift and less tiring on the body.

Painting Using A Scaffolding Support

If the area you’re painting is excessively tall, often over 20 feet, then you will require a scaffold. Scaffolding usually has a long plank secured between two A-frame ladders to raised platforms with safety railings. This will keep you secure when painting these high ceilings, which are too high for a ladder. Ladders limit your space, whereas you can expand a scaffold and move it mechanically instead of lifting it. Scaffolds are a professional tool specifically designed for height over 18 feet and are a solid, durable surface. 

As useful as these tips may be, it’s always best to leave painting jobs to the professionals for the most effective, high-quality finish. Demiri Painting offers commercial and residential painting in Toronto for high, low, and medium ceiling and walls. We’ll ensure that the interior and exterior of your property are painted according to your color schemes, budget, details, and overall look you want.