If until ‘death do us apart’ is what you are expecting from your home exterior or interior paint, realistically it may never be the case. Although you may wish that your freshly painted home stays looking fresh and beautiful just like the painters left it, when reality seeps in in the form of stains and marks on your walls, it can be pretty sad. A few years back, many painters provided a guarantee of say ten, fifteen or twenty years for their paint job. Although there are very few companies following the suit today, it does make you wonder what does that guarantee mean and realistically how long will your paint job last. 

According to many paint companies which are constantly evolving, it is unrealistic to regard these guarantees as real and the focus of homeowners must be to hire a reputed company with proven work record rather than a company with no record claiming lifetime paint guarantee. Instead, if homeowners insist on workmanship warranty, they may benefit from the best workmanship and results are more likely to be long-lasting. There are many reasons why your home interior and exterior paint will not last a lifetime. 

People are the main reason why paints don’t last long

So the painters have done their job and your home looks every bit dreamy like it should. It is a human tendency to take utmost care and caution to ensure that our freshly painted home stays fresh for as long as possible. But if you have kids and pets, it is almost impossible to expect them to keep their guards on. Sooner or later, they will want to venture out and play, have fun and stain the walls. After all, no one can be expected to maintain the discipline that you may have practised some initial months when your place was freshly painted. 

Home activities

On a daily basis, we cook, clean, mop our floors, use and move our furniture around. All these activities cause wear and tear on our walls and can result in staining and chipping of paint. Also when cleaning the home, we tend to touch our mop to the walls. Once the water comes in contact with paint, it starts deteriorating the coat. 

Water damage

Water damage from a leaky pipe, water tanks or even rainfall and snow on the outside walls can start deteriorating the paint and encourage the formation of mold and mildew. Prolonged exposure to water can cause the paint to develop discoloured patches and chipped paint. 

Temperature and changing seasons

It is not just water but also sunlight and weather changes which can cause paint damage to the walls of your home. If one particular spot or wall in your home is exposed to constant sunlight and heat, in course of time, it is likely to fade faster and you may find the colour to be slightly different than the rest of the home. 

Although it is not possible to completely eliminate damage to your paint, one way to prolong your wall paint is by hiring a reputed and experienced painting company to do the job for you. If you are thinking about getting home interior or exterior painting services, contact Demiri Painting & Decorating for top-quality workmanship and paint colours.