Painting a whole house can be a very hard task if you don’t prepare properly. The very first thing you need to do is assemble a team of painters who are willing to do all the work necessary to finish the project with consistency and professionalism. Once you have your team ready to work, it’s time to get that house painted!

Follow these steps to ensure that your paint job remains consistent throughout the entire house, reduce the mess you will make, and complete the job on time.

Plan ahead

To paint an entire house, you will need to do a lot of research on the colors you are deciding on, the best brands of paint to buy, the equipment and supplies you will need to buy, and creating a list of everything that needs to get done. You will also need to determine how much paint you will need to buy so you don’t have to keep running to and from the store when you run out of a certain color. When you have everything in order and you are ready to start painting, you can move onto the next step.

Set up a paint station

To keep everything organized and to limit the potential mess you can make while you are painting, create a centralized paint station to use for refilling paint trays and to keep extra brushes, rollers, tarps. If you are painting a house with multiple levels, you can create a paint station for each level if there is enough room for them. You can also use this space to clean your brushes, pour any excess paint back into the cans, and store if the paint job will take more than one day to complete.

Tape everything before you start

Taping is probably the most tedious part of the painting but it’s also a necessary task to do. Before you start painting, make sure you tape off everything that you want taping (like window sills, baseboards, just below the ceiling, etc) so you can start painting every room right away.

Lay down the tarp

Tarp off every area where you will be painting including the hallways and furniture just in case splatter happens. You might as well play it safe rather than panicking to clean up a paint stain on a white couch or on the carpet in one of the rooms. Make sure there are no openings in the tarp because paint can run and find its way through the smallest of holes or cracks.

It’s time to paint!

Now that everything is prepped and ready to go, it’s finally time to start putting your paintbrush on your canvas! Start by painting the trim, around the outlets, and on the corners to give you a nice outline of where you can go all out with your painting skills. Apply multiple coats of paint to ensure each wall looks its best and will hold up to potential damages and marks.

If you have a great painting team who can follow these simple steps, you can paint an entire home in no time!