When you are looking to put up a fresh coat of paint in your home or business, then you may be unsure of where to start. While you can slap up any old coat of paint and walk away, your work might not look as professional or clean as you would like. If you decide to paint your own home or office, then you will want to take care and do things right. Here are some tips from our team of pros at Demiri’s Painting to you, so that you can achieve the best results possible.

Check Humidity Levels

Humidity has a significant effect on paint and paint drying time. If you can, avoid painting when it is very humid outside or when it is rainy. You will have better results if you paint on a sunny day that has low humidity. If you have to paint when it is rainy outside, then go with slow-drying paint so that you can correct any drips that occur before it dries.

Prep the Area!

You need to take the time to go through the area. There will probably be some cracks or flaking and peeling areas on the wall that need to be taken care of. Lightly sand them down or scrape the old paint away and sand the edges. Then you can safely prime and paint without the fear that you are going to have the weight of the new paint pulling your old paint down off the wall into a giant mess. If you encounter a greasy spot, you should wash that with washing soap and water then rinse it clean so that the paint can stick properly. Also, don’t forget to dust!

Remove Outlets and Light Switches

If you really want to do a professional job when painting, then you’re going to need to remove outlets and light switches in your room. Doing this will allow you to paint the entirety of the wall without accidentally getting paint on the outlets. It also will mean you don’t have to try and clumsily cover your outlets in tape to protect them.


If you have a very clean and smooth surface to apply your paint to then, you can get away without using a primer and using a paint-and-primer combination. In most cases, though, a primer is necessary. If you have not painted that particular wall for more than eight years, if you are painting over top of the high-gloss paint, or if you are painting on a challenging surface, then you should invest in a primer and even consider a bonding primer if the surface is slick (glossy paint or painting on glass).

Trust the Pros

Getting that perfect, clean paint job can be tricky, especially if you are trying to slap up a coat of paint after work or during your limited free time. If you want the job done right then, you should look at painting companies in Toronto like the experts at Demiri’s Painting. Whether you are in need of residential painting, commercial painting, or exterior painting, we are the crew for you!