When it comes to renovating your garage, the floor is often overlooked. The priorities are often the walls, door, and structure, however, when the garage floor is left unpainted and unmaintained, the appearance can dramatically and negatively alter the overall look of the garage renovations. Garage floors are abused by heavy vehicles, fluids, debris, and become worn, stained, and damaged over time. Improving your garage floor can often be as simple as applying a fresh, beautiful new coat of paint. If you want to include garage floor painting as part of your garage improvements and renovations, it’s important to know where and how to begin.

If you’re ready to begin the garage floor painting process, read on for everything you need to know.

Benefits of Painting Garage Floors

  • Keeps The Garage Clean: When vehicles are parked inside the garage, dust that has deposited on it or on storage items can remain trapped in the garage. Most garage floors are made of concrete, which is a haven for dust in itself. Dust will break down into microscopic particles and begin to spread every time it is driven on, stepped on, or swept. Dust will become airborne as well and can begin to settle and contaminate different parts of the garage. A simple coating of paint can keep the garage floor much cleaner and prevent dust from spreading.
  • Easy To Maintain: Once the garage floor is painted, you just have to apply a simple dust mop on the floor weekly to remove any dust particles. The dust mop will likely accumulate a small amount of dirt since the paint has rendered the garage floor virtually dustless. This means less dirt and dust will be tracked into your home!
  • Good Floor Protection: Depending on the type of paint you are applying to your floor, the garage floor can become water, chemical, mold, and oil stain resistant, which makes for good floor protection. More arduous spills can still be cleaned with a proper cleaning agent and remove the stain. 
  • Affordable: Concrete floor paints are highly affordable and perfect for homeowners that are on a budget or completing other renovations. Epoxy paints are inexpensive and very durable.
  • Light-Reflective: When garage floors are painted, they can brighten up the entire garage and make it much brighter. This is because bare concrete absorbs light, whereas paint reflects light and ultimately brightens the space it is in.

Types Of Garage Floor Paint You Can Use

When choosing the best paint for your garage floor, look for a paint formulation with durable wear. The most popular paint choices are latex acrylic paint for concrete floors or epoxy paint. A 1-part epoxy paint mixed with other paint creates a strong barrier to mold, chemicals, chipping, and gasoline stains.

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