Determining whether or not a room is safe to sleep in after it’s been freshly painted, by you or a professional, depends entirely on the paint that’s been used. We’re going to dive into the three levels of paint products in order to understand which ones can be inhaled right after application and which ones should be avoided for a few weeks.

Zero-VOC Paint

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound, meaning that if VOC is present in your products, the chemicals from it are easily evaporated into the air. These chemicals are most harmful when the paint is drying and can result in asthma, headaches, skin symptoms and moreover short or long-term inhalation. This is why zero-VOC paint is the safest on the market, as it doesn’t emit any odours or toxic chemicals.

Low-VOC Paint

Paints with a green seal logo plastered across them indicate that they’re safe to inhale after being applied to any surface. There are few enough VOC’s within the product that it’s been deemed harmless to inhale over long periods of time. However, that doesn’t mean low-VOC paints are completely odourless. They can still smell for a few days, depending on your ventilation system. So if you’re sensitive to scents, maybe wait a day or two before trying to sleep in that room.

Oil-Based and Latex Paint

Non-eco-friendly paints such as these can dry in a few hours but will take over two weeks for the odour and toxins released into the air to completely dissipate. Enough so that you can sleep in the room comfortably. The VOC’s are strong enough to produce health issues if inhaled in a poorly ventilated room.

3 Tips to Eliminate Paint Odour

If you’ve used low-VOC paint and really want to sleep in the room that same day, then here are a few tips to mask or eliminate paint fumes.

Peppermint or Vanilla

Adding a few drops of peppermint or vanilla extract to several small bowls or absorbent products and spreading them throughout the room should cover any paint fumes. Peppermint and vanilla are strong enough scents that can cover the foulest of smells.

Ground Coffee Beans

The same can be said for freshly ground coffee beans. Put some in small bowls and spread them throughout the room to eliminate any odours.

Lit Candles

This is the most effective way of eliminating the smell of paint entirely. Let the candle burn for a few hours but make sure you’re watching it. Lit candles shouldn’t be left unattended, especially if you have children running around.

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