With warmer weather fast approaching and homeowners spending more time outside, it’s critical to start preparing your porch and patio for visitors. Your porch is arguably the main area for ghost gatherings, weekend BBQs or just to lounge while the kids play outdoors during the summertime. It is also one of the first things guests notice when they approach your home! Keeping this space fresh can be as simple as applying a new coat of paint. Although the painting process itself may seem like a daunting task, you can accomplish it rather easily and quickly when you follow reliable steps.

In this article, Demiri Painting & Decorating gives you everything you need to know about wooden porch painting planning and preparation to ensure a smooth process.

1. Check The Lead

Before paint preparation begins, you need to check for lead used in the current paint on the wood porch. If the prior paint was applied before 1960, it likely contains lead in it and should be removed. If you’re unsure of when the paint was applied, you can have it tested for lead by a certified assessor. To reduce your lead exposure, try the following methods:

  • Have the pain replaced
  • Have professionals remove the lead-based paint 
  • Wire Brushing: Using a wire brush with non-flammable solvent can be used to remove the paint
  • Heat stripping: Using a heat gun at a low temperature along with hand scraping may help remove the paint along with sanding or power washing

2. Preparing The Wooden Porch

To begin preparing your porch, start by removing all furniture, plants and decorative items. Examine it afterward to look for any loose screws or nails on the surface. If there are any, ensure you screw them back down below the surface. Scrap off any old paint that may make the new paint appear uneven. Clean the porch thoroughly with a wet-dry vacuum and remove any debris lodged between the planks. Wash the wooden surface to remove any grime with a suitable cleaner and allow the wood to dry completely.

3. Paint The Porch

Start painting from the top downwards to avoid paint drips falling onto the surface. Beginning with the ceiling on the upper trim, apply the paint by either rolling or brushing with the wood grain, not against it. Then, move onto the railings, columns and porch posts. Complete your project by painting the porch floor beginning with the outside edges. Once the outer edges are painted and the entire porch is complete, allow it to dry completely. You may need to apply a second coat of paint if the first is too thin. 

Demiri Painting can complete all exterior painting services you need. Whether a fresh new coat of paint for the porch or a complete painting job on your home’s exterior to burst curb appeal, our residential painting services will exceed your expectations. Freshen up your home before the summer and contact us for a free quote at Demiri Painting.