Interior paint often takes priority on our to-do lists as we set out to renovate or simply freshen up our homes. The phenomenon is understandable since we spend more time indoors and notice the deterioration of our interior paint more readily. However, we tend to forget that exterior paint is more vulnerable because it is exposed to harsh ultraviolet rays and moisture.

Aged and damaged exterior paint make your entire home appear shabby. Maintenance of outdoor paint is important to sustain or increase its value. This is especially necessary if you are looking to sell your house at a profitable rate. The condition of exterior paint begins to decline as soon as moisture gets trapped between the upper paint film and the surface. Harsh sun rays reduce the effectiveness of the paint binder, which fluctuating weather temperatures make the paint contract and expand repeatedly.

Climate factors cause the paint to lose its gloss and exhibit many signs of degradation. We have created a list of damages that significantly affect the condition of your exterior paint.


An accumulation of fine powder atop paint film is called chalking. The issue is primarily caused by the use of alkyd-based paint products instead of latex which possesses a higher endurance against harsh sun rays.

Peeling and Flaking

Peeling entails the lifting of a paint layer due to a lack of adhesive. The issue is a result of insufficient surface preparation before painting or the use of oil-based products.

Flaking, on the other hand, can be described by cracks in dry paint which causes loosening of the whole paint layer. The causes include an application of a thin coat of paint or insufficient surface preparation. Utilizing low-quality paint and the absence of primer can further result in the cracking of the paint.


Fading of paint colour occurs on surfaces that remain exposed to the sun for extended periods. Damages caused by the sun are catalyzed by colours that are vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, such as shades of yellow, orange, and red.

Algae and Mildew

A high amount of dampness and humidity results in the growth of algae and mildew on the paint film. Light colours that do not warm up easily pave the way for mildew growth, while cement based structures are prone to get infested by algae growth.

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